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Motorola MCS2000


Professional Series and High-Tier Branded Products


Motorola MCS2000 Description

The MCS 2000 is a full-featured mobile analog radio with all of Motorola's best features packed into a compact and lightweight model. The radio platform is designed to be flexible enough to meet the demands of today's world. The use of software upgrades provides the user with a radio that's simple to use yet very economical.

Key Capabilities

  • System Compatibilities - Compatible with conventional, simulcast, AMSS, StartSite™, SMARTNET, SMARTNET Type I SECURENET™, StatAlert™, and SmartZone
  • Narrow Band Operation - Software configurable bandwith operation for VHF and UHF can be programmed to operate at 12.5, 25, or 30 kHz channel bands.
  • Broad Band Operation - Offers unprecedented band extensions in VHF and UHF-one radio covers multiple sub-bands. This makes interoperability between organizations on adjacent sub-bands easier and more economical.
  • Mobile Data Capability - Operates in either voice or data modes within one radio, allowing the user to send and receive both types of information. This includes analog, VRM 100 and VRM 500 data.
  • Portable Companion Radio - Compatible with the MTS 2000 portable radio series, sharing a number of key characteristics: similar software option, feature availability, radio programming, display output, feature operation, ergonomics and appearance.

Motorola MCS200 Features

The MCS 2000 may be one of the smallest radios in its class, but it doesn't stop short with it many features. The three models of the MCS 2000 are sure to meet users' needs perfectly.

Model Options

  • Model I
    This mobile analog radio has many useful features that the customer is sure to benefit from. Some of these features include:
    • 1 x 8 alphanumeric display
    • 5 programmable buttons
    • 4w internal speaker
    • Channels 48 std/150 optional

  • Model II
    This mobile radio has a large display and speaker as well as many buttons to fit the users needs without added complexity. Additional features include:
    • 14 alphanumeric display
    • 13 programmable buttons
    • 7.5w external speaker
    • Channels 160 std/250 optional

  • Model III
    The third model of the MCS 2000 has a diverse range of features that are sure to provide the most flexibility for the user. Additional features include:
    • 2 x 14 alphanumeric display
    • 11 programmable buttons
    • 7.5w external speaker
    • Channels 160 std/250 optional

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the audio quality of the MCS 2000 up to the user's expectations?
    The MCS 2000 surpasses the expectations. It offers:
    • 900 MHz "Hear Clear" audio
    • Received Signal Strength Indication
    • Next Generation Mic offers improved audio quality
    • Handsfree Mic for critical communication situations
    • 13 watt optional speaker
    • Car Radio Mute to mute your AM/FM car radio when your mobile radio is receiving a call

  • Is it easy to communicate with other organizations as well as between sub-bands?
    Yes, the MCS 2000 allows interoperability in an easier and more economical fashion for its users.

  • Is it compatible with the MTS 2000?
    Yes, the two models share a number of key features such as: similar software options, feature availability radio programming, display output, feature operation, ergonomics, and appearance. It is easy to communicate between this mobile analog radio and the portable MTS 2000.

  • How many modes does the MCS 2000 have?
    The MCS 2000 has 48standard modes with up to 150 mode options to meet your system needs.

  • I know it makes communication much easier, but does it make it faster as well?
    The MCS 2000 successfully allows the user to communicate quickly as well. It allows for 4 status/8 message programming to permit you to quickly send information to the dispatcher. It also has 5 programmable buttons to reduce the amount of time spent stumbling around for several different buttons.

  • How convenient is it with the small amount of space provided in a vehicle?
    The MCS 2000 has remote or dash mounting. This permits optional use of limited vehicle space.

Network Availability

The MCS 2000 portable radio will be available on the following networks:

  • Analog
  • Conventional or Trunking
  • Mobile Data
  • Encryption
  • APCO 16 Compliant
  • 12.5, 25/30 kHz Channel Spacing
  • UHF
  • VHF
  • 800 MHz
  • 900 MHz


If you would like to read more about the MCS 2000 portable radio, refer to these support materials:

MCS2000 Model I catalog sheet

MCS2000 Model Ii and III catalog sheet

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