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Both two-way radio technology and security continues to evolve. Motorola’s Safety Re-imagined ecosystem is on the leading edge of integrating two technologies. Increased security used to mean hiring more personnel to patrol and to monitor security cameras.

Now you can harness the power of your Motorola communication system infrastructure with products and software from Motorola’s Safety Re-imagined ecosystem. Avigilon Surveillance Cameras are essential to your comprehensive security structure.

Avigilon surveillance cameras are part of the Motorola business network so the quality is unsurpassed. They combine versatility with great resolution. The cameras are built tough for indoor and outdoor use, some have pan-tilt-zoom capability and all supply hi-resolution images and video. Avigilon cameras can help transform your company’s security.

Using Avigilon at access points indoors or outdoors, in heavily trafficked areas, parking area, and anywhere else you need them makes your business environment safe, by documenting the movement of vehicles, personnel, customers and the public. It means having more eyes on potential situations in real time.

Avigilon can also utilize the power of AI. When using Appearance Search your cameras know who to focus on using Face Recognition technology. Based on previous incidents or reports you can create a watchlist to make sure individuals with past records or a history of disruption are automatically identified. This helps the staff monitoring security cameras to stay focused on potential threats or incidents. And with Avigilon License Plate Reader cameras will scan and read every license plate allowing authorized personnel accesss and alerting security when a license on a watchlist is identified.

Surveillance is only the beginning of the value of having Avigilon cameras. Cameras help businesses document incidents to protect against liabilities. When you use Avigilon cameras with the Ally Incident Management system, you’ll have the capability to monitor, report, record and manage documents, video and images in one central database. It’s another part of the Safety Re-imagined ecosystem. Ally makes it easy to retain and delete video, attach video or audio to incident reports and manage archived data.

SJM Radio can help you find the Avigilon camera perfectly suited to your needs whether indoors or outdoors. Using Bullet and box IP security cameras you can see far and wide with long-range detail and AI-powered analytics. Dome IP security cameras protect indoor and outdoor areas with small, yet mighty cameras that offer a low-profile monitoring solution. PTZ IP cameras monitor large indoor & outdoor areas with a single pan-tilt-zoom surveillance camera. You’ll get broad coverage without losing video quality using HD, 4K and 20x — 40x optical zoom.

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