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Motorola Body Camera Solutions

A first-hand perspective when it matters most with an objective, unbiased witness. From security guards to police officers, Motorola body cameras from SJM Industrial Radio can be relied upon to capture evidence-grade video of any situation.

Motorola Body Camera Solutions from SJM Industrial Radio

A first-hand perspective when it matters most

Police and security officers know that their jobs can be dangerous and unpredictable. Because of the unexpected nature of their jobs, they need to be prepared with equipment that will keep them and their community safer. From active shooters to traffic stops, police body cameras capture everything that happens on patrol. The footage is used for evidence, training purposes, and to capture criminals.

Motorola Body Camera Solutions offers ruggedized video surveillance solutions that exceed industry standards. Motorola body worn and mobile cameras from SJM Industrial Radio offer law enforcement agencies and security teams unrivaled image quality in both daylight and nighttime conditions, as well as outstanding reliability under harsh operating environments such as extreme temperatures, dust, humidity or water submersion so that you never miss another moment.

Innovation, integration and expertise is built into every body camera – so no matter how or where you work, you can be your best when the moment arises.


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Learn more about our V700 and V300 body cameras for police, and VB400 body camera for police or security. Powerful, resilient, designed for the rigors of the job – our cameras have your back when you need them most.

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