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Today’s business environments are complex and the role of security has evolved. Some things don’t change and Security continues to rely on Motorola technology. The Motorola VT100 and the Motorola VB400 body worn cameras can help you take your security to the next level.

The VT100 is simple to operate, Wi-Fi® Streaming Capable, and provides 3 Hours Continuous Recording. These rugged and reliable VT100 body cams work with existing CCTV infrastructures and Wi-Fi streaming your control room can combine live body-worn video with fixed security camera footage to give you a better understanding of what is happening and dispatch a smarter response.

When your team is equipped with VT100’s you have more eyes on the situation. VT100 has Push-To-Stream Alerting. When the record button is activated the VT100 begins recording and alerts your Control room team providing real-time streaming video from the scene.

The VT100 records full HD and has 16 GB of secured video to protect the integrity of your footage and support data protection compliance where liability is concerned.

The VT100 is designed to be comfortable for the wearer and the face of the unit can be customized with your logo. It is the next generation in body cams with technologies and features that expand your view and take control of situations and incidents. Built to military standards, it’s weather resistant and ready when you need it.

The next generation of body cams is the Motorola VB400. When it comes to documenting images and video, details really matter. That’s why the VB400 comes with a wide-angle, 1080 HD lens delivering picture quality that is unmatched. The VB400 has Wi-Fi© and Bluetooth© connectivity and utilizes GPS that can monitor the outdoor location of the wearer.

Getting the whole picture during an incident can make all the difference in how you respond. The VB400 has a pre-record feature that saves the video in the moments before the camera is activated by recording a continuous loop of high quality audio and video.

It has a long battery life that will record for an entire 12 hour shift so it improves the safety of lone workers. When a colleague comes into range of another radio that is recording they don’t have to remember to activate their own camera, it happens automatically using the peer-assisted recording feature.

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Adding body cameras empowers your team to see the bigger picture, to make your workplace safer and more efficient. Let SJM Radio help you take your security to the next level. For a free consultation and quote call today.

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