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Successful businesses prioritize communication and two-way radios can take your business to the next level.

In virtually every industry, customers and clients expect to get what they want when they want it. If your business can’t deliver, they’ll look for another business that can. Being competitive in today’s business environment requires a solid communication strategy that provides instant response and immediate action.

SJM Radio can design a digital communication system that connects every department of your operation whether across the hall or across town with instant, reliable communication. You never have to worry about dropped calls, busy signals or waiting for a return call again. You can talk or text anyone on your team to address problems instantly.

Cell phones can’t do what radios can. Cell phones are more expensive to purchase than radios and they have monthly service plans with data caps that wind up costing you money.

Two-way radios are the best communication solution for most businesses, because digital radios offer a cost effective, reliable, integrated, system for instant communication that saves time and saves money. And today’s two-way radios let you do more than just talk. Digital radios have applications that streamline your processes, improve work place safety and more.

So let’s start at the beginning. Two-way radios are the leading choice for professional communications systems. Here are just a few of the ways a digital communications system can help your business.

  • Radios don’t cost, they save – instant communication saves time, streamlines processes, and reduces unplanned downtime. That saves money!
  • Superior Coverage – whether you are using direct mode (radio to radio), or you have a larger more challenging work environment Motorola MOTOTRBO systems guarantee coverage using a network of repeaters and amplifiers to make sure every transmission is received and heard.
  • Excellent sound quality – digital equipment actual enhances the sound quality by reducing background noise. The result is crystal clear sound quality that is second to none. And with a full line of headsets, noise canceling headphones, and earpieces you’ll hear every call in even the noisiest environments.
  • Multi-channel systems – Allows you to assign a designated channel to each department. Multi-channel radios optimize bandwidth and manage transmission traffic to reduce interruptions and errors.
  • Radios are rugged and durable – most radios are built to military standards to withstand severe weather conditions, as well as damage from being dropped.

And that’s just the beginning, digital radios have the capability to issue work tickets, connect with a cell phone, activate remote equipment, and using IP site connect you can connect with radios over as wide a range as you need. Talk with SJM about what radios can do for your business.

Do radios really improve safety?

Yes they really do! Digital radios have several features to help keep your workplace safe:

  • Transmit Interrupt – this feature allows you to override all other transmissions to call everyone at once. In an emergency situation this important feature makes sure everyone knows where to go and what to do next.
  • Lone worker – if a worker gets injured and can’t respond help is immediately dispatched
  • GPS – outdoors, GPS enables you to know the exact location of your team members or vehicles
  • Bluetooth beacon –indoors, Bluetooth technology allows you know the exact location of anyone on your team
  • Continued operation during emergency – cell phones go down during a major emergency, but radios continue to work maintaining a critical link between you and your staff.
  • Compliant with first responder codes – Digital systems can meet all code requirements to ensure that first responders can have unfettered communication in your building

A digital radio system will grow with you to meet your changing business needs

Contact SJM Radio today and get your free consultation. Whether you are interested in renting or purchasing two-way radios our communications experts will help you decide which solutions fit your specific need. SJM can handle any job, large or small. And we can design systems that will grow and expand with your business needs.

Call SJM today and learn how digital two-way radio communication is a mission critical component of your successful business strategy.

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