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Security threats are becoming more sophisticated. Security operations need every advantage to identify situations and neutralize threats without harm to personnel or property. Two-way radios continue to be a top business solution for security firms because digital radios ensure instant, reliable communication with every member of your team.

Private security began as a relatively simple proposition, where the presence of security guards acted as a deterrent to prevent criminal activity. Guards would roam the halls, or circulate among the crowd serving as a reminder that unlawful situations would be spotted and stopped.

SJM Radio understands that times have changed and we live in a world where active shooter drills and bomb sweeps are being carried out on a regular basis at businesses, events, schools, and churches. Both employees and the public have a heightened expectation of security because everyone wants and deserves to be safe.

Two-way radios have long been the quintessential business solution for security because radios instantly connect every member of the security team and provide reliable, communication. Motorola has been the leader in state of the art two-way radio technology since they introduced their first commercial two-way radios in1939. And now with MOTOTRBO digital communications systems, security has a whole range of options available to maintain a safe and secure environment.

When your security team can communicate instantly, over a reliable MOTOBRBO system you get crystal clear communication and a wide range of options to address the challenges of maintaining a safe and secure environment in any modern setting.

When a situation arises, all of the necessary decision makers can be included in the talk -group no matter where they are. Digital radios take PPT technology across boundaries that previously caused gaps in information sharing and rapid response. By seamlessly connecting radios to cell phones, tablets, laptops, and virtually any device over any network, you can leverage your intelligence, reduce response time, make informed decisions, and help keep your clients, their employees and the public from harm.

No matter the size or scope of your security operations SJM Radio and Motorola can provide solutions to make your business, and your mission safe and successful. It all begins and ends with communication.

  • Rugged and reliable professional radios and accessories by Motorola work for small businesses and world-class events.
  • Clear and reliable MOTOTRBO communication in any environment. Using a series of repeaters and amplifiers you’ll have coverage even in the most challenging settings.
  • Concrete, steel, and natural barriers are no problem for a MOTOTRBO system. And the system actually improves the sound quality, reducing background noise while they boost the strength of the signal.
  • Multi-channel capability lets you organize your team anyway you need while managing communication traffic and maximizing bandwidth.

And that’s only the beginning. Features like transmit interrupt override all transmissions across all channels to alert every member of every talk group to a developing situation in real time. You can also use text messaging over your radio when discreet communication is required. You can even utilize a work ticketing system to identify and assign specific tasks for follow up and completion.

Here are a few other options that can help reduce breaches and greatly enhance security:

  • GPS – when working outdoor provides the exact location of every member on your team.
  • Bluetooth Beacon – Bluetooth technology provides the exact location of team members indoors.
  • Lone worker – If one of your team is injured and requires assistance this feature recognizes the individual is in a prone position and sends an alert.
  • Motorola Team Communications – Connects everyone on the team whether they are on site or in another state. The enables the best intelligence sharing, informed decisions, and rapid response to any situation.

Imagine a lone security guard patrolling the perimeter of a property. She spots an intruder trying to gain entry. She alerts the security center, begins pursuit, when a second intruder attacks and renders her unconscious. The radio senses the guard is in a prone position, sends an alert to the security center. They know the exact location of the guard using GPS and can dispatch assistance immediately. In fact, any time a member of your team becomes incapacitated, whether unconscious, or in some other health related crisis, help is on the way. In any developing situation everyone who needs to know is in the know, using Motorola Team Communications, regardless of where they are.

And remember, if your team can’t hear the request, they can’t respond. We carry a full line of Motorola accessories like surveillance kits and noise canceling headphones so that your team can have discreet and private communications whether in a quiet setting, or working the stage perimeter at a rock concert.

SJM Radio is a family-owned business and we appreciate that your clients, your team and the public want to go home to their families at the end of the day. SJM Radios offers the sort of personalized attention to develop a communication system specifically designed to meet your security needs. SJM Radio is a Certified Motorola Partner so we offer the most reliable products backed up by years of experience. Contact one of our communications experts today and become a part of the SJM family.

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