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Are you are considering buying two-way radios for your ongoing business needs? SJM Radio has the answer. Whether you are new to walkie-talkies, or new to SJM Industrial Radios this is a great place to start. Here are some of the questions we hear most often, with answers that you can understand.

When you buy two-way radios you are making a commitment that can be for 10 years or more. The more you know about your own business needs and goals the more SJM Radio can help guide you in making this important investment. Two-way radios set the standard for instant communication.

1. Why do I need two-way radios?

Two-way radios provide instant communication with one individual or groups that is clear and reliable, while improving safety, and increasing productivity. SJM can design and install any size system with the right equipment and capacity to meet all of your communication needs.

2. What’s the difference digital analog?

Provides the clearest voice quality and the most powerful and reliable wireless networks. As well as many functions not available with analog like GPS, text, work ticket systems, and IP site address to name a few. Digital systems can expand and grow to meet the specific needs of your business or event.

3. Is digital really the way to go?

Digital opens the door to future advancements in the radio world, provides the clearest voice quality over the most powerful and reliable wireless networks. Digital offers wider coverage, improves sound quality, and offers features that analog cannot like text messaging, GPS, work-ticketing systems, and multi-site connect. A digital communication system can grow and expand with your business as it grows and expands.

4. How far can the radios transmit?

In ideal conditions (open line of sight with no obstructions) digital radios can transmit as far as 35 miles. In real world environments geography, as well as buildings or other barriers made of concrete and steel will interfere with the signal and reduce the range. In these settings you will need repeaters to boost the signal and ensure reliable coverage.

5. How do I know which model radio is right for me?

Once we understand your needs, SJM pros will help you pick the right radio, and the right system to meet your needs.

6. How much will my radios cost?

What have you heard? We ask this, because online ads for inexpensive radios are common but it’s important to know that these are consumer radios. Commercial, professional radios cost more because they are powerful, reliable, durable, and have many more functions. SJM carries Motorola radios, the industry leader for two-way radio communications.

7. Does SJM offer a Lease to buy option?

Contact us to speak to one of our communication professionals about lease to buy. Get a free consultation with an SJM communications expert who can help guide you and provide a more accurate estimate.

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