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WAVE technology lets you create nationwide communication systems fast.

In a fast moving world where permanence is a fluid concept, you need a fast, easy and affordable business solution. The Motorola TLK 100 with WAVE technology is the answer. This slim, powerful two-way radio offers instant crystal clear communication over a nationwide PTT network. Yep! PTT communication for your entire team whether they’re around the corner or across the country without investing in costly infrastructure.

Motorola TLK100 Radios expand your coverage and offer more control over where and when you need to communicate with your team. WAVE technology offers a highly scalable communication system. You can add or remove individuals or groups 24/7 from any laptop or smart phone.

What is WAVE?

WAVE is a nationwide PTT Network. This cutting edge technology is revolutionizing business communication and there are only two ways to ride the WAVE — Motorola’s TLK100 Two-Way Radio and the Motorola WAVE app that brings a nationwide PTT network to your smart phone.

WAVE technology and the Motorola TLK100 provide a perfect business solution that can easily grow with your needs. By combining the instant crystal clear communication of two-way radios with the broad coverage of a nationwide PTT network you can expand your business virtually over night.

Benefits of WAVE technology

Subscribing to WAVE is easy. As an affordable monthly investment, you can scale your service to match your business needs. And you can add and reduce users, or stop your service easily at any time. And if you sign on for a two-year contract the radio is free.

  • Fast set-up – Within 24 hrs
  • Nationwide PTT – You can place an order for as many subscriptions as you need.
  • Manage and activate your radios from any laptop or smart phone
  • Affordable – Subscribing to WAVE technology won’t break your budget and the radio is free when you sign a two-year subscription
  • No costly infrastructure required to get nationwide coverage

Motorola TLK 100 – Built for the Job

One of the best features of the TLK100 is its purpose-built design. From its rugged and durable construction to built-in features like Wi-Fi capability and GPS tracking, the TLK100 is the solution to address communications challenges of modern business operations.

  • Easy to operate – no distracting screens and easy interface
  • Wi-Fi ready – transmit and receive when network coverage is weak
  • GPS tracking – Always know where your team is located anywhere in the country in real time.
  • Long battery life (18 hrs.)
  • One button PTT contact to individuals and multiple groups
  • Affordable – keeps start up costs low

Benefits of Motorola TLK 100 radio

The TLK100 is also great for start-ups in every field from retail and construction to events, festivals, and private parties. Using WAVE and the TLK100 allows you to set up a comprehensive communication system.

The TLK 100 is the perfect way to supplement your existing fleet or to expand your coverage area for special event or across multiple job sites. And with no costly infrastructure necessary this is an affordable system that is scalable to your needs. With WAVE you can manage your subscriptions, program your radios and add or remove users from any laptop or smart phone.

The TLK100 with WAVE is a powerful communication tool for any industry that needs to expand their coverage nationwide or across multiple site operations. So catch the WAVE to expand the scope and reach of your business without complicated infrastructure or costly investment. An affordable subscription fee gets you up and running.

SJM Radio will work with you to help you grow or expand your idea and make it a reality. Call SJM Radio today for a free demonstration with one of our communications experts.

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