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SJM Radio takes the health and safety of our customers and staff seriously. We are an essential business and we remain open and ready to help with any two-way radio needs. We’re all in this together.

Phone: 310-640-2700 | Toll Free: 800-688-1653
Phone: 310-640-2700
Toll Free: 800-688-1653

We will be glad to help you with all FCC Licensing requirements. We’ve been managing licenses like yours for many years. We can take care of all your FCC Licensing, even if you didn’t purchase your radios through us.

If you get a notice from the FCC or a licensing company, simply forward the notice to us and we’ll let you know if any action is required. Often, FCC notices are just reminding you of an upcoming deadline. Be sure to forward to us any notice from the FCC regarding your FCC license. You will receive other notices regarding your FCC license, usually from licensing companies. They are trying to solicit your FCC licensing business. Send us those notices too, and we will let you know if a response is necessary.

License Expirations

FCC licenses are typically good for 10 years. Each license has an expiration date on it. If you have an expiration coming up within the next few months, let us know and we will take care of the paperwork. Did you get a letter notifying you of an upcoming FCC expiration on one of your licenses? If so, contact us or send us a quick email. Several licensing companies send notifications like this several months before an application could be processed by the FCC.

License “Construction” Deadlines

When you get a new FCC license, you have one year to inform the FCC that it is live and “on the air.” If you don’t submit the required form, the FCC will cancel your license. Again, send us any notices you receive, and we will submit the form for you.

SJM wants to make your frequency coordination and two way radio licensing as easy as possible. We can process your FCC License applications, perform license modifications and address all of your licensing related concerns quickly and efficiently so you don’t have to worry about it. SJM has been in the business of assisting our customers configure and license their Radio Communication Systems for over for 25 years. SJM can help you identify what licenses you have and make sure they’re current and are in compliance with the FCC rules.

This is a compilation of the most common FCC services we provide:

Filing Assistance

SJM offers frequency selection and FCC application processing services for our customers. We complete and process license applications from FCC Registration to the final Required Construction Notification.


If there is a change in the conditions of any data (administrative and technical) for your license during the term of that license then a license modification is required. SJM can address all of your License changes and updates for you.

Change of Ownership\Assignment of Authorization

If your license has not expired, you are required to apply for timely modification of the license as necessary to show your correct Business name & mailing address.

Basic License Review

The Basic License Review/Renewal is a quick check of the number of FCC radio licenses that exist under your company name. The report includes FCC registration number [FRN] information, radio service codes and license expiration dates.


SJM Industrial Radio provides complete FCC License Renewal services. Please contact our FCC department at for assistance with all of your FCC License related needs.

If you have any questions about FCC Licensing, please contact us for assistance.