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Phone: 310-640-2700
Toll Free: 800-688-1653

SJM uses D3M to create and provide clients with system designs. D3M is a secure web app designed to help you and your team collaborate on two-way radio projects from inception to deployment and post-sales. It was designed to improve your firm’s professionalism (better communication and fewer errors), help you build a stronger brand and stand out from the competition, ultimately allowing you to land more contracts, make more money and lower the cost of service and maintenance. It’s easy to use, and enables all of your team members to collaborate in real-time no matter where they’re located.

What is D3M?

Some of D3M's top functions are:

  • Automatic Fleetmaps
  • Live Sales Proposals
  • Drag n' Drop Editor
  • Centralized Data
  • Resources Properties
  • Live Collaboration

Who can use D3M?

With real-time sharing and live collaboration, your entire team can work on projects together.


D3M makes network design accessible to all. While you create your diagram with the drag n’ drop editor, D3M automatically sets up your customer proposal and auto-generates a quote. Live share your proposal with customers, and walk them through it over the phone!


Trying to understand what your sales team sold? Need an efficient way to find project data? D3M allows you to store network diagrams, fleetmap, codeplugs, quotes & contracts, so all team members within your organization can access network information anywhere, anytime.


D3M was architected with you in mind. From an administrator account, you can oversee all projects within your dealership. One of your employees moving on? No stress, simply deactivate their account and D3M ensures all of their data stays with your company.


Customers like seeing what they’re buying and how the network fits together. Present them with professional network diagrams, statement of work, bill of materials and share the entire network design through a live link. Should revisions need to be made, it’s as easy as 1,2,3, to make live changes.

Keep Your Team Organized & Connected

Imagine a world where sales reps and techs speak a common language.

D3M - Staying Connected

D3M enables your team to effortlessly collaborate on two-way radio projects in real-time. No more need to chase after Sam’s laptop to find your customer’s fleetmap during an emergency, no more wasting time with version control, scanning through emails, etc. This cloud based web app centralizes your network documentation and ensures your entire team has access to the most up-to-date data when they need it most.

Stand Out from the Competition

If a picture is worth a thousand words a detailed diagram could be worth millions.

D3M enables your sales and technical teams to create professional project proposals in a matter of minutes. Once you’ve created your initial system design with D3M, the app automatically sets up a customer proposal (tailored with your company’s logo & address) and auto-generates a quote.

Reduce Your Operational Costs

Better Planning = Less Scrambling & More Margin.

Professional documentation, better communication and a more rigorous process will help your organization lower the cost of designing and maintaining networks while keeping your customers happy for years to come.

A Few Key Features:

  • Custom Resource Builder
    Create custom resources to better reflect the radio network being designed. Add properties, default values & select default ports and types. Automatically saved to your library access items for future projects.
  • Project File Storage
    Keep all project information in one location. Store important files like codeplugs, contracts and quotes over the cloud so you and your team members can access them from anywhere, at anytime.
  • Fleetmap Generation
    As the network diagram is being designed, D3M automatically creates a detailed fleetmap that includes model numbers, Radio IDs, serial numbers and more.
  • Sales Proposal
    Easily create a winning sales proposal in seconds. Add your logo, address, and share a live link of the proposed project & materials with prospective customers.
  • Detailed Network Diagrams
    Drop the pen and paper. Create network architecture diagrams in minutes by dragging and dropping popular two-way radio network elements onto the canvas. Built-in engineering rules prevent you from mismatching connections.
  • Project Sharing
    There are three easy ways to share projects with colleagues, customers and suppliers. Share projects within your organization, send a live link and share with customers or suppliers via email.