Phone: 310-640-2700 | Toll Free: 800-688-1653
Phone: 310-640-2700
Toll Free: 800-688-1653

SJM Industrial Radio would like to help you with your next two-way radio/walkie talkie rental. We want to give you one less thing to worry about, so you can focus on your event. Let us worry about the communications and the logistics. Feel free to reach out to our experienced walkie talkie rental team so we can customize a specific communication solution for your event.

Find Out Which Rental Service Best Fits Your Needs

When you choose SJM Industrial Radio (SJM) for your two-way "walkie-talkie" radio rental needs, it's one less thing you will need to worry about.

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SJM Leads the Indusry in Two-Way Rentals

With years of experience and knowledge, SJM Industrial Radio are industry experts in the Motorola two-way "walkie-talkie" radio rental world.

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Quality Two-Way Radio Selection

Our rentals are the newest Motorola Walkie-Talkies, quality Motorola Accessories, Headsets, Surveillance Kits, Base Stations and Repeaters.

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Hear What Others Have to Say About SJM

SJM Industrial Radio offers a wide variety of rental services, radios, accessories and more. Hear what great things others have to say about SJM Industrial Radio.

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Reach out to our extremely knowledgeable and trained staff here at SJM Industrial Radio and get your free quote today.

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