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82% of managers say improving in-store communication between staff and managers would have a significant effect on customer satisfaction.

As retail continues to migrate online, brick and mortar operations need to create a high-level customer experience in order to remain competitive. An up to date and robust technology infrastructure is critical to create a more personalized customer experience.

A reliable MOTOTRBO™ digital communication system from SJM Radio is a powerful tool that saves time, streamlines processes, allow managers to instantly dispatch employees whenever or wherever they are needed. Two-way radios instantly connect everyone on the team to help make the sale. The shopper’s experience is everything. It’s how browsing becomes buying. Recognizing that customers are increasingly connected intelligent shoppers who want to feel valued whether online or in person is key. Two-way radios are a part of that experience. With a Motorola communication system you can engage with your shoppers and keep them coming back by seamlessly connecting different teams. Connecting all of your departments helps operations run smoothly and allows your staff to provide excellent service to the customer the minute they walk through your door.

It all starts with instant, clear communication throughout your retail operation. If you can’t communicate with your team you can’t meet the customers needs. Retailers that survive and thrive in this new retail environment are the ones that understand and act on that principle. SJM Radio can help. Digital radios and accessories from Motorola help your staff meet the challenges they face everyday. Your team can instantly communicate to address unexpected situations, solve problems quickly, and improve customer satisfaction. Lightweight, discreet radios ensure crystal clear instant communications throughout the store mean your team can deliver exceptional customer service. Instead of leaving a customer to search the stock room for an item in another size, or to check availability of an item in another department, your sales associates are instantly communicating using two-way radios and never leave the customer’s side. And that leads to fewer walkouts and more sales.

Benefits of Motorola two-way radios For California Retail Operations

The benefit of instant communication with your employees is a no brainer. Two-way radios help you manage your work force and create a better customer experience.

  • Digital radios provide instant, reliable coverage in any environment, any size, or scale
  • MOTOTRBO communications systems can be designed to work through concrete and steel, materials that can diminish coverage. Using a system of repeaters and amplifiers SJM Radio will create a powerful and reliable communication system guaranteed to work in any environment, from the loading dock to the sales floor. And it can be tailored and scaled to meet your specific needs.
  • Multi-channel radios – allow various user groups to communicate with each other with no interference from another group’s communications. Each unique group has a separate channel that reduces transmission traffic and errors. If you want to speak with another group just change the channel and you’re connected
  • Headsets and accessories – a full line of headsets, earpieces, and surveillance kits deliver crystal clear and discreet communication. No more announcements over a public address system. Identify problems and solutions discreetly so the customer experience is uninterrupted.

Reducing costs to increase profit plays a key role

Along with more effective management of your work force, loss prevention, (theft, vandalism, vendor fraud – aka shrinkage), remains a key factor for retailers to control costs and increase profit.

Using discreet radios equipped with surveillance earpieces, your loss prevention team can discreetly communicate with each other while keeping eyes on potential theft or vandalism in real time. Your monitoring is stealth and calls or announcements will only heard by those you want to hear. And when you change the channel your loss prevention and security team can communicate directly to spot the problem before it becomes another loss.

Which radio should I consider?

Start by requesting a free consultation with an SJM Radio communication expert. Our experts will ask the right questions to identify your specific needs and suggest the right radio for the job.

Here are three of the most widely used models:

  • Motorola CLP –This palm sized 4-channel radio has voice activated transmission, and a voice driven menu that access channel, monitor, scan and call tone. Range of up to 250K sq ft and a battery life of up to 9 hrs.
  • Motorola CLS – Up to 6 channels, with extended battery life of 14 hrs and a range of up to 300K sq ft.
  • Motorola DLR – 6-channel radio with a variety of advanced features like unique radio profile ID, private reply and call all. Range of up to 300,000 sq ft. Batteries last up to 14 hours

Customers want a better in store experience and you want more customers in your store. A quality customer experience requires instant communication that delivers answers and transforms browsing into sales and brand loyalty.

Call SJM Radio today for your free consultation.

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