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SJM Radio offers Holiday Rental Specials to supplement your security operation during the holidays. Rent Motorola radios for the entire season, from Black Friday into the New Year (Jan. 3) starting at just $45 per radio.

Shopping Malls are the modern equivalent of the town square. Whether indoor or outdoor, malls are a place where commerce is central and people gather to shop, dine, see a movie or take the kids to see Santa. The landscape of security in public spaces has changed dramatically and increasingly requires a more sophisticated approach to problem solving. Communication is vital in maintaining a safe and secure environment for your clients and their customers. The most important tool your security staff has is instant, clear and reliable communication: in other words, a quality two-way radio from Motorola.

SJM Radio provides Motorola two-way radios to security clients like (current clients)… These businesses trust SJM because we work with you to find solutions to virtually any communication concerns you have. SJM has provided radios for security in dozens of industries and unique environments for over 25 years.


  • Slim profile – Designed to be discreet
  • Accessory port to attach a surveillance kit for discreet communication
  • Programmed to work with most existing radio systems
  • Up to 16 separate channels
  • Maximizes transmission capacity – Minimizes transmission congestion
  • Voice Operated Transmit (VOX) enables hands-free operation
Depending on your existing system, some venues require a more advanced radio model like the Motorola XPR 7550 and while we can’t rent these radios at the promo price we’ll give you a great price (subject to availability and quantity of radios you rent).

Motorola XPR7550e

  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Connect your Bluetooth earpiece directly to your radio
  • GPS enabled
  • Integrated voice and data allows you to add a user remotely via cell phone
  • 32-1000 channels of crystal clear, instant communication
  • Call interrupt overrides all other transmissions in the event of an emergency
  • Work ticket feature allows you to send work orders to various departments and track through completion.

Loss Prevention

Loss prevention (theft, vandalism, vendor fraud – aka shrinkage) remains a key concern for retailers especially during the holidays along with maintaining a safe and secure environment. If your security team is tasked with assisting in loss prevention efforts a comprehensive approach to controlling losses can mean the difference between profit and loss during the all important holiday season.

One more reason why using reliable radios that are both discreet and powerful as a part of your loss prevention strategy makes sense. Compact radios equipped with surveillance earpieces allow your security and loss prevention teams to communicate with each other while keeping eyes on potential theft or vandalism in real time, before it becomes a loss. Monitoring is stealth and calls or announcements will only heard by those you want to hear.

Will your coverage area change or increase during the holidays?

Malls are filled with concrete and steel that can block radio signals. If your coverage area expands during the holidays and areas that are normally dormant or under-utilized are temporarily operational, you’ll need to check your coverage. Does your current system provide continuous coverage or are there dead zones? Call SJM Radio. We’ll survey your site and give you a free consultation on how to upgrade or augment your system using a system of MOTOTRBO amplifiers and repeaters that ensure crystal clear communication no matter your location. You just can’t get the job done right if your team can’t communicate.

So if you’ve been thinking about upgrading your current system from analog to digital SJM has some special year-end deals coming soon with great prices on digital radios. Radios don’t cost money, they save money and with a powerful and reliable digital two-way radio system you’ll discover ways to streamline operations and develop rapid response plans that save time and money.

So whether you are interested in our Holiday Rental Special, buying additional radios or upgrading call SJM and speak to one of our communications experts…we’ll help you handle the holidays.

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