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Radio System Design & Engineering

SJM Industrial Radio can provide comprehensive design and engineering for telecommunication systems.

Radio System Design & Engineering for Wireless Communications Systems from SJM Industrial Radio

Effective communication systems are vital for the well-being of your staff and the prosperity of your business. Inadequate or unclear communication may lead to reduced productivity and workplace incidents. It is crucial to partner with a reliable telecommunications expert who comprehends the significance of this aspect and can collaborate with you on all aspects, including design, development, installation, and continuous support.
System Design & Engineering provided by SJM Radio
SJM Industrial Radio utilizes D3M to generate and deliver system designs for clients. D3M, a secure web application, is crafted to facilitate seamless collaboration for two-way radio projects, spanning from conceptualization to deployment and post-sales phases. Its purpose is to enhance your company’s professionalism by fostering better communication and reducing errors. Additionally, it aids in building a stronger brand, distinguishing your business from competitors. Ultimately, D3M empowers you to secure more contracts, increase revenue, and decrease service and maintenance costs. The user-friendly interface ensures easy usage, enabling real-time collaboration among team members, regardless of their geographical locations.

D3M's top functions

  • Automatic Fleetmap
  • Live Sales Proposals
  • Drag n’ Drop Editor
  • Centralized Data
  • Resources Properties
  • Live Collaboration


D3M enables your team to collaborate seamlessly on real-time two-way radio projects. No longer do you need to search for Sam’s laptop in emergencies to locate your customer’s fleet map, and there’s no more time wasted on version control or sifting through emails. This cloud-based web application centralizes your network documentation, guaranteeing that your entire team has access to the latest data precisely when they need it.


D3M empowers your sales and technical teams to swiftly generate professional project proposals within minutes. After creating the initial system design with D3M, the application automatically configures a customer proposal, personalized with your company’s logo and address, and efficiently generates a quote.


Elevating your organization’s documentation standards, enhancing communication, and implementing a more robust process will contribute to reducing the expenses associated with designing and maintaining networks. This approach ensures long-term customer satisfaction, fostering positive relationships for years to come.
With years of expertise in crafting telecommunications systems for various projects in and around Los Angeles, SJM Industrial Radio stands out. Recognizing the unique nature of each project, we customize our solutions to align with your specific requirements. Our dedicated team engages with you throughout the entire process, from the initial design phase to meticulous documentation and testing, ensuring a seamless handover during the commissioning stage. This guarantees optimal functionality when installed on-site by our qualified technicians serving Los Angeles. Count on us to deliver precision from the outset, every time.

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