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Voice Dispatch Console Solutions  

Redefine communication center operations and coordinate resources with a powerful dispatch solution, designed for public safety and critical enterprise environments.

SJM Industrial Radio Dispatch Communications Console Solutions & Services

Coordinate Resources and People Quickly

Dispatch centers are at the core of operations for public safety, government, and industrial organizations. Dispatchers are tasked with coordinating people and resources quickly and efficiently, so that shipments are delivered, machinery is organized, and first responders have the most up to date information on emergencies. This can be a very stressful job and the need for easy to operate technology is critical for success and safety.

SJM Industrial Radio has the experience and partners to help with your dispatch console requirements. Our professional team will work collaboratively to understand your organizations’ operations, radio system integrations, and communications landscape to design a robust and dependable dispatch console solution. Backed by over 25 years of experience, our technical service team will design, install, and maintain your dispatch consoles for dependability and minimal downtime.


Learn How Our Dispatch Console Solutions Can Help Keep Your Operations Connected and efficient. 

Commercial Dispatch Console Solutions Coordinate your fleet

Coordinating business operations and resources for transportation, manufacturing, oil & gas, and hospitality is critically important for increased productivity and improved safety for your staff. Centralizing your communications through an integrated dispatch center will allow your team and business to communicate effectively and maintain operations through everyday challenges. If an emergency was ever to happen at one of your locations your dispatch console will play a critical role in assisting your dispatchers for incident management, first responder coordination, and post event review.

Our team at SJM Industrial Radio has worked across many industries including mining, casinos, airports, and schools, to design, implement, and maintain critical dispatch consoles. With important features like IP based platform, GPS mapping capabilities, and clear communications across your locations, our commercial dispatch consoles will assist with daily operations and help manage serious incidents that may happen.

Dispatch Console Solutions for Public Safety & Government

Public safety and government agencies require access to critical information and the ability to coordinate daily operations and emergency communications. Dispatch consoles quickly and efficiently allow dispatchers to coordinate resources and people, seamlessly connect partnering agencies, and provide vital communications to field operations to keep officers safe. Over the years, dispatch consoles for public safety and government agencies have evolved into modern day multi-agency communication hubs that can connect agencies across locations, radio systems, and frequencies, for organized responses to emergency situations.

At SJM Industrial Radio we understand the needs of public safety and government agencies for seamless and coordinated dispatch centers. With our leading partners like Motorola Solutions, we learn your unique operational requirements, partnering agencies radio systems, and frequencies for a smooth transition. Our technical team has worked extensively on Project 25 (P25) dispatch consoles from implementation to ongoing maintenance service.

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