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A two-way radio digital communication system is critical business tool to address the challenges of managing commercial property. A seamless communication strategy can provide measurable improvements in virtually every area of your operation. In short, two-way radios save time and money, increase efficiency and improve safety.

A digital two-way radio system saves time and money by keeping your entire team instantly connected, in any environment. From hi-rise buildings with underground parking and facilities equipment, to large property developments with multiple buildings spread over a wide area, SJM will keep you and your team connected with a digital communication system of repeaters and amplifiers that guarantee reliable coverage in the most challenging environments.

SJM Industrial Radio can install a Motorola MOTOTRBO communication system specifically designed to meet the needs of your property management company no matter the size, scale, or location.

Radios don’t cost they save

A digital radio system saves time and money by streamlining complex tasks. Reliable, instant communications with Motorola digital radios means faster response time, and more efficient processes.

It’s all about staying connected. A reliable communication system means instant communication with anyone in any department of your operations. That alone saves time and increases the efficiency of your operation. Studies show that two-way radios can increase productivity and efficiency by up to 30%.

When an HVAC unit goes down in the middle of a heat wave, time is of the essence. Once alerted of the problem the management office issues a work ticket to the maintenance and dispatches the appropriate engineer or technician to diagnose the problem and begin repairs ASAP. If a part is needed to make the repair, the technician can use MOTOTRBO anywhere to call the manufacturer to find the part and get it delivered fast. The work order can go to be sent to the loading dock with a note attached to send an alert when the part arrives. Saving time saves money.

A digital communication system provides solutions to your specific property management challenges

  • Digital Two-way radio systems have flexibility and capacity – Radios can be effective for any property regardless of size and scale.
  • Instant communication– no waiting for a response, radios keep you connected to everyone on your team instantly
  • Reliable coverage –Digital Radios are powerful communication tools and in environments with concrete, glass, and steel buildings SJM will design a MOTOTRBO system of repeaters and amplifiers that guarantee quality coverage even in the most challenging environments

Choosing the right radio

When you speak with an SJM communication expert they’ll help you select the right radio to meet your needs. And a digital radio system offers features that help streamline your operation.

  • Work ticket – When a situation presents whether a parking gate is stuck or a tenant is stuck in an elevator using a work ticket system mean a work order can be issued immediately reducing response time when problems appear
  • MOTOTRBO Anywhere – Allows radios to connect with smart phones to talk to anyone anywhere
  • Multi-channel system – Helps maximize communication traffic by giving departments and functions a designated channel. From the sales and administration offices, to maintenance and security, each department has a designated channel that keep their unique user group instantly connected with the rest of their team. A Multi-channel system optimizes the capacity of the bandwidth, manages transmission traffic, and reduces bad transmissions and errors.

Radios improve safety

In an emergency, cell phones and landlines may fail, but radios will continue working to keep your staff, your tenants, and your facility safe.

  • Transmit interrupt – An “all call” feature lets you override all other communications to contact all employees with one transmission. Whether you have a time sensitive situation or an emergency, “all call” saves time and can save lives.
  • Lone worker – Many property management venues are large, multi-level operations which means staff sometimes has to work in an isolated location. When a “lone” worker fails to respond to a normal radio communication it could mean that she is injured or unable to communicate. After a set period of time the radio sends an alert so that a supervisor can dispatch help from the nearest location.
  • GPS Enabled – In an outdoor environment GPS technology identifies the location of anyone carrying a radio
  • Bluetooth Beacon – In an indoor environment Bluetooth technology identifies the location of anyone carrying a radio throughout the building.

A two-way radio system can do even more to make your property safer. SJM is an experienced partner in designing systems that ensure your property’s compliance with first responder codes.

In an emergency, first responders need to instantly connect with a reliable communication system on site with coverage throughout the property. And the system should be able to operate on back-up power for at least 24 hrs. If the first responders can’t communicate their response is hindered and an unsafe condition gets worse.

With a MOTOTRBO digital communication system, managing property doesn’t have to be unmanageable. If you want to increase safety and security, streamline your operations, and save both time and money, call SJM now for a free on site consultation, or click below to have one of our communications experts contact you.

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