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So you have an effective and reliable two-way radio system up and running. Your entire work area is covered and perhaps you even have multiple site locations. In order to get the most from your system, you’ll want to explore Motorola’s Safety Re-Imagined ecosystem and the benefits those products can bring, specifically what a dispatch console can do for your business.

SJM Radio carries several dispatch console solutions, most often we recommend CTI Dispatch Software. It is a cost effective solution that is easy to install and operate. It comes with a feature rich adaptable program to meet the needs of almost any business. It is economical and can be customized to your specific needs.

CTI RadioPro Dispatch Software empowers you to see the big picture. It helps you to visualize the entirety of your business operations, communications, and security in a wide view that reduces response times, while it increases the ability to strategically analyze incidents for appropriate responses. Then it can document and archive all voice and data transmissions for future playback and reference in a fully searchable database.

CTI RadioPro allows you to monitor access points, radio traffic, and personnel. CTI monitors and records multiple radio talk groups simultaneously. CTI integrates digital and analog mobile radios and can be configured to include mobile phones (Android or IOS), as well as callboxes, Avigilon surveillance cameras, and other security devices onto a single, user friendly interface.

CTI RadioPro improves worker safety by allowing you to send private or multi-person group texts and voice transmissions. In an emergency situation, it can save precious time and offer you greater flexibility in how you dispatch key personnel and notify your workers of a hazard.

CTI also has a GPS mapping feature that allows you to know where your key people are located in real time. GPS works outdoors, but there are indoor tracking solutions as well. Knowing where your people are when any incident occurs allows you to make strategic decisions in an instant dispatching the closest qualified responder.

When you use the RadioPro App, you can access the console from your mobile phone allowing dispatch capabilities even when you are on the move.

To coordinate, monitor, track communications, and document any incidents that arise in business operations, safety, or security, CTI Radio Pro is a great solution.

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