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Motorola Solutions is the leader in keeping police officers connected in the moments that matter. Increase safety and connectivity with Motorola two-way radio systems and integrated wireless communication solutions from SJM Industrial Radio.

SJM Industrial Radio Telecommunication Solutions for Law Enforcement

Rugged solutions that fit your department. We are well aware of the critical importance of emergency response times, where the communication of our police departments plays a pivotal role in saving lives during emergencies and disasters. Our video and voice technology solutions are designed to elevate communication, providing a clear visual aid for conveying messages to the department and dispatch, be it during routine traffic stops or emergency scenarios.

At SJM Industrial Radio, we specialize in offering P25 Radios, body-worn cameras, and comprehensive service and communications support tailored for police departments. With a wealth of experience collaborating directly with public safety professionals throughout Los Angeles, we deliver mission-critical solutions that can be trusted when every second counts. Our dedicated team engages in one-on-one interactions to provide exceptional service, customized to meet the unique demands of your agency. Whether it involves implementing state-of-the-art technology or keeping existing systems updated with new devices or upgrades, we are committed to delivering quality products coupled with top-notch service. When it comes to keeping your officers connected, you can rely on SJM Industrial Radio as your steadfast partner.

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SJM P25 Law Enforcement Solutions

Communication Solutions for law enforcement

Law enforcement agencies face the challenge of achieving more with limited resources. The imperative to respond swiftly and effectively is crucial, but it must be balanced with the responsible utilization of resources.

When seeking efficient communication solutions for law enforcement, turn to the Motorola Solutions APX P25 Portable and Mobile Radios. These radios boast an intuitive interface for seamless access across multiple agencies and incorporate Wi-Fi technology for faster connectivity in any setting. With all-band capability, they facilitate connectivity between departments or jurisdictions, while their robust design ensures durability in harsh conditions. These two-way radios are indispensable for any law enforcement department, offering a user-friendly design without complex controls, allowing officers to concentrate on the task at hand.

SJM Law Enforcement Services

Dependable telecommunication services for your department

Effective communication with field officers is crucial for law enforcement agencies.

The role of a law enforcement officer is inherently risky, and maintaining constant connectivity is essential for both personal safety and the well-being of the community they serve. However, numerous departments face challenges in integrating and installing telecommunication systems, often lacking the expertise needed for proper maintenance. This can lead to costly errors or, more significantly, jeopardize lives.

For over 25 years, SJM Industrial Radio has been a reliable provider of wireless communication solutions. Our factory-certified and dedicated team consistently strives to ensure that customers remain connected and fully satisfied with every product installation and service call. We offer personalized solutions and preventative maintenance plans, tailored to address your specific needs, minimizing the risk of issues stemming from inadequate care during installation or day-to-day use by patrolling officers.

SJM Industrial Radio offers solutions catering to law enforcement agencies of any size. Our wireless communication services encompass two-way radio repair, installation and design, Motorola WatchGuard In-Car Camera installations, and more—all supported by 24/7 assistance from our expert technicians, ensuring they are readily available when needed the most.

SJM Body Worn and In-Car Cameras

Reliable Body worn and In-Car Cameras for Your Officers

When you’re on duty, ensuring the safety of yourself and your community is of utmost importance. The Motorola police body worn and in-car camera Systems offer clear video evidence while allowing you to keep both hands free, especially in unexpected situations. These cameras, whether worn on the body or in the car, provide detailed visuals in any environment. With continuous operation well beyond 12 hours, Motorola cameras alleviate concerns about running out of battery life before completing your shift. Explore further details about our Motorola solutions.

V300 Body Camera

Protect your officers with the V300. This rugged public safety body camera offers continuous recording to keep you safe, and a detachable battery to keep you going.


Manage evidence your way. Evidence Library is a flexible device and video management platform that works seamlessly with Motorola’s records and evidence management software.


Get your cameras and get going. For a monthly payment, you can have everything you need for a public safety video program, including records and evidence management.

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