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Unify Oil & Gas operations with Motorola two-way radio systems and integrated communication solutions from SJM Industrial Radio to help keep work teams safer, connected, and more efficient.

SJM Industrial Radio Telecommunication Solutions for your Oil & Gas Operations

Oil & Gas operations operate in some of the most challenging environmental conditions globally, ranging from freezing cold winters to scorching hot summers. Continuous production is paramount, and ensuring the safety of your team is of utmost importance. Given the hazardous nature of oil & gas sites, wireless communications have become indispensable to maintain connectivity, safety, and security, safeguarding teams from potential dangers. In case of injuries or emergencies, wireless telecommunications systems play a crucial role in coordinating safety teams and aiding first responders dispatched to provide assistance.

At SJM Industrial Radio, our seasoned team has extensive experience collaborating with oil & gas companies. We recognize the critical need to keep workers connected across your site, regardless of their location. Through our partnership with Motorola Solutions, we offer cutting-edge system designs that ensure continuous communication and connectivity for your workforce, even in emergency situations. Our dedicated service team is committed to ensuring that your wireless telecommunications systems operate seamlessly in all conditions throughout their lifespan.

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SJM Oil & Gas Solutions

Protect Your Oil & Gas Team with Motorola Solutions

From the oil rig to offshore platforms and everywhere in between, integrating mission-critical technology into oil and gas operations is a crucial step towards enhancing safety and operational efficiency. Effective wireless voice and data communications enable both offshore and onshore workers to securely connect and receive emergency calls promptly, regardless of the device, network, or location.

SJM Industrial Radio and Motorola Solutions recognize the importance of safety for oil and gas companies. By consolidating voice, video, and data solutions onto a single platform, this ensures seamless connectivity while maintaining the productivity and safety of your team on the job.

As the industry leader in oil and gas two-way radio systems, devices, and accessories, Motorola Solutions has expanded its solution portfolio to include dispatch consoles, security cameras, access control, and private LTE broadband networks tailored for energy operations. With our integrated solutions, you can trust that your operation is equipped with the tools and technology needed to safeguard your business and team from potential harm.

SJM Oil & Gas Services

Protect Your Telecommunications System Investment With Our Professional Service Team

SJM Industrial Radio recognizes the critical reliance of the oil & gas industry on wireless telecom systems for ensuring team productivity and safety. The industry cannot afford downtime or unexpected expenses resulting from inadequate system designs or a lack of preventative maintenance. To address these concerns, SJM Industrial Radio provides comprehensive services, including system design, installation, and preventative maintenance, ensuring that your operations remain current with the latest technology.

The dedicated service team at SJM Industrial Radio serves as the backbone of the organization. With extensive industry experience, specialized system training, and access to cutting-edge diagnostic software and tools, SJM Industrial Radio is equipped to design, install, and maintain your wireless telecom system throughout its lifespan. Partnering with a trusted service provider allows you to concentrate on the core aspects of running your business. In times of emergencies, SJM Industrial Radio stands ready to respond promptly, offering 24/7 support for any critical situations that may arise.

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