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Keep your team connected and your property and operations secure with Motorola two-way radio systems and integrated communication solutions from SJM Industrial Radio.

SJM Industrial Radio Telecommunication Solutions for your Security Business

Efficient and instantaneous communication is crucial for security teams to ensure the safety, effectiveness, and seamless operation of their members. Unclear communication poses a risk of security lapses and breaches in the protected areas, potentially leading to liabilities for both individuals and property. Utilizing integrated telecommunication systems is an effective means of maintaining cohesion within your security team.

With SJM Industrial Radio boasting 25 years of experience in delivering top-notch communication solutions, we understand the paramount importance of clear and swift communication among security team members. This ensures the prompt identification of issues and enables immediate collaborative problem-solving. Our integrated systems empower teams to respond swiftly to potential threats as they arise.

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SJM Security Solutions

Stay Protected and Connected with Integrated Telecommunication Solutions

Ensuring the safety of your staff and the security of your properties is crucial for the success of your business. However, maintaining connectivity among your team members can present challenges. As someone tasked with managing various priorities, keeping your team connected and responsive to incidents is a top priority.

In partnership with Motorola Solutions, SJM Industrial Radio is proud to offer industry-leading solutions tailored specifically for security professionals. This includes the Motorola Solutions portfolio of digital two-way radio systems that seamlessly integrate with your team. This robust technology enables the effortless integration of voice, video, and data communications throughout your operations, while also ensuring that only authorized personnel have access to critical information. By partnering with us, we commit to providing everything you need to keep every employee connected at all times, maintaining absolute privacy and control over information flow within the team.

SJM Security Services

Keep your team safe, connected and productive

In the security industry, businesses require a telecommunications system that is both reliable and secure to meet the increasing demands of a competitive environment. Ensuring the dependability of their communication systems is paramount.

At SJM Industrial Radio, our goal is to enhance the productivity and safety of your team. We achieve this by designing, installing, and maintaining a wireless communication system, ensuring continuous connectivity for everyone. Our technicians, equipped with the latest technology certifications, are ready to deliver efficient solutions should any issues arise in your company’s network system. As a dedicated telecom systems provider, we collaborate with you to provide end-to-end solutions. Additionally, our service team is available 24/7 to support your business operations in case of emergencies.

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