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Outstanding telecommunications partners for reliable solutions. Selecting the right partner makes all the difference.

SJM Industrial Radio's Top Tier Technology Partners

Businesses aim to ensure their workforce remains connected, productive, and secure in the workplace. However, identifying suitable technology partners for creating a seamless telecommunications solution can be challenging. Collaborating with the wrong company may result in expensive deployments and missed opportunities. What you need is a partner that comprehends your specific requirements, possesses practical technical expertise, and is dedicated to delivering excellent customer service throughout the lifespan of your system.

SJM Industrial Radio takes pride in its industry-leading partnerships with top manufacturers, cultivated over our 25+ years of operation. As our principal partner, Motorola Solutions enables the integration of voice, video, and data solutions into a comprehensive technology platform. Moreover, we collaborate with other suppliers to ensure the delivery of systems that align with your needs. SJM Industrial Radio has consistently demonstrated that adhering to our commitments of providing quality solutions and services is a successful approach to supporting your business.

SJM Radio Technology Partners

Helping Commercial and Public Safety Customers for Over 90 years

Voice, video and data technology has become critical in running a successful and safe organization. Motorola Solutions understands that and has reimagined how technologies can be integrated together to improve safety and operational productivity.The Motorola Solutions Safety Reimagined platform will give you greater visibility into your operation so that you can make smarter decisions, faster than ever before, helping keep your workers safe, and your assets secure. With Motorola Solutions and their associated technology brands, you can rest assured that you’re getting dependable technologies, backed by decades of experience, providing reliable communication solutions.

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