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About SJM Industrial Radio

The telecommunications leader for Los Angeles for over 30 years. Learn more about SJM Industrial Radio and why we are leaders in the two-way radio sales, service and repair industry.

Our Guarantee

Navigating through numerous telecom options to find a dependable partner can be challenging. SJM Industrial Radio emerges as a seasoned, knowledgeable, and innovative company known for providing industry-leading customer service. Our commitment to customer satisfaction goes beyond words; we demonstrate it by exceeding expectations.

Tailored to meet your operational requirements, our services encompass a diverse range of solutions crafted around your specific needs. SJM Industrial Radio boasts a team of technical experts specializing in industrial telecommunications solutions. They dedicate time and effort to deliver exemplary solutions and service from the project’s initiation to its completion. Moreover, our systems incorporate the latest technology, ensuring reliability even in demanding on-site conditions. We collaborate with you to select the ideal system for your operations, saving time, and enhancing productivity and safety.


SJM Industrial Radio is committed to providing the highest quality, most reliable two-way radio solutions for any industry, in any environment at the best price. Personalized customer service and satisfaction are paramount. SJM Industrial Radio will work with you to develop custom communications solutions that meet the specific needs of your business.


Founded in 1991, SJM Industrial Radio is a family owned business and we pride ourselves on creative custom solutions and personalized customer service. SJM Industrial Radio is a Platinum Motorola Radio Channel Solutions Partner.

Our award winning team are leaders in the two-way radio sales and rental industry. We are the preferred rental radio vendor for high profile red carpet events, world-class conferences, festivals and sporting events. SJM Industrial Radio has designed and sold thousands of custom two-way radio systems to clients from major southland industries including space exploration, property management, education, healthcare, petroleum, shipping and security across the southland and the greater west coast region.

SJM Industrial Radio helps businesses succeed by providing two-way radios systems that can grow and adapt as their business grow. Call the team at SJM Industrial Radio today. We can help take your business to the next level.

Our Solutions

Body worn

Motorola body worn cameras monitor incidents in real time with lightweight, high resolution cameras that are effective and easy to use. As part of Motorola’s Safety Reimagined ecosystem, these body cams protect your business, your employees and the public.
Our services
At SJM Industrial Radio, customer service is always a priority. We offer many important services to ensure you have everything you need to build, upgrade or maintain your system to keep everything up and running. Let one of our experts help you with any of the following services:

FCC Licensing

Let SJM Industrial Radio file for and manage your FCC licenses to keep your business compliant.


If you want to defer your capital outlay, SJM Industrial Radio can help arrange financing for qualified businesses.

Free site evaluation and consultation

If you are planning to purchase a two-way radio system or want to upgrade an existing system, SJM Industrial Radio can help you address the specific needs of your business to help design the right system for you.

Government Grants

SJM Industrial Radio helps clients file for and secure government grants that are available in many industries, from education and healthcare to transportation and port/airport security. There may be grant money available for your business.

Monthly Maintenance Plans

System upgrades, radio/equipment repair and more to minimize downtime and control repair costs

Safety Reimagined

Now more than ever two-way radio systems do more than provide a reliable communication system. Motorola’s Security Reimagined Ecosystem can integrate dynamic and analytic security that works with your radio system. Talk to an expert to learn more.

SJM Industrial Radio stands out as the foremost provider of wireless solutions catering to organizations in Los Angeles. We take pride in delivering high-performance, resilient telecommunications solutions through our esteemed industry partners.

Our commitment revolves around providing customers with reliable and innovative systems that not only align with their business objectives but also enhance efficiency, productivity, safety, and collaboration among employees spread across multiple locations. Our extensive product portfolio, sourced from top technology partners, includes Avigilon’s video surveillance systems, robust digital radio communication solutions from Motorola, Avtec’s IP-based dispatch consoles, GPS fleet management tools for vehicle tracking, and more. Our team of experts collaborates with you to identify the most suitable products for your business needs.

Get in touch today and contact our team to help develop the right integrated communications solution for your business operations. 

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